With Staff Augmentation, Syrinx Offers Top Talent

For any company facing a software engineering challenge, competing priorities and projects demand time, skills and resources that are limited. Decision-makers have a number of options from hiring and managing full-time developers to outsourcing to off-shoring. A firm can hire their own full-time software engineers, but considering the expense and incredibly time-consuming processes of recruitment and retention, that may not be the best solution. Plus, many projects will not require the services of a software engineer on a long-term basis - instead, these will be short-term projects with fast-approaching deadlines. So, the better choice for many companies is to bring in software engineers on an as-needed basis.

That's where Syrinx enters the picture. Specifically, Syrinx's staff augmentation offering, termed Technology Services, is the ideal choice for organizations looking for top-tier software engineering talent to develop customized software. The company's unique history has paved the way to this offering, helping to ensure that it can provide clients with the unbeatable on-site support they need whenever they need it.

"Our priority is finding, attracting and retaining talented software engineers."

The path to Syrinx staff augmentation
In its earliest days, Syrinx's focus was simply in-house custom software development. One of its biggest priorities then, and to this day, was finding, attracting and retaining the most talented, experienced and skilled software engineers available. This commitment helped Syrinx to become a leader in the field of enterprise application and mobile development.

However, Syrinx also ran into an issue common to the industry: inconsistent project needs. Due to the natural ebbs and flows inherent to project work, Syrinx faced the challenge of retaining top-tier engineering talent even when there was little to no work available. Many companies have responded to this situation simply by hiring software engineers sporadically, as new projects emerge. But Syrinx Consulting recognized that this was no way to retain the best talent available in the industry, and certainly didn't want to lose these software engineers just because a project ended and a new one had not yet begun.

To resolve this issue, Syrinx began to offer outsourced engineering to our clients on an individual contract basis. This way, Syrinx's software engineers could split their time between in-house projects and on-site work for clients, with the exact ratio determined by demand at any given time.

We wanted Syrinx to be a happy home for the best software engineers.We wanted Syrinx to be a happy home for the best software engineers.

Staff augmentation offerings
Over time, Syrinx refined and evolved its approach to software engineering services, until this eventually became its own, unique offering. Syrinx's staff augmentation offering is a straightforward extension of this earlier ad-hoc approach. The firm's staff augmentation services came about naturally, and it now represents a major component of its business.

Certainly, Syrinx is far from the only firm offering staff augmentation services today. Companies are spending billions of dollars in this field, and with good reason: Staff augmentation provides companies with more control over their staffing resourcing and expenditures, maximizing efficiency while ensuring that IT projects can be tackled as they crop up.

But not every staff augmentation offering offers the same value, and when it comes to software engineering services, no one can match Syrinx. By developing policies and strategies that prioritize talent retention and customer satisfaction - including the ability to provide onsite engineers for the duration of the project - Syrinx can deliver results consistently, quickly and at a reasonable price point.

What's more, Syrinx prides itself on developing long-term relationships with consultants. Each one of its consultants has passed through multiple security clearances and been highly vetted by discerning staff augmentation leaders. In many cases, these consultants have more than 10 years of proven on-client-site experience. They are not only experts in the field of software development, but are also extremely comfortable working on clients' terms, in clients' facilities.

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