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We like to simplify the complexity surrounding Enterprise Application Development by taking steps to securely integrate apps in real-time with the ability to transfer data between disparate systems, public and private clouds, and third-party technologies. With technology rapidly evolving, we help organizations limit technology constraints by applying standardized best practices that lower costs and improve ROI.

We understand big problems and we respond by delivering lightweight, agile solutions. From cradle to scale to rewrite – at any development stage – we make software better.

Any business that wants to engage with its customers, attract new ones and remain agile to stay competitive in its given sector wants to take advantage of the rise of mobile.

Our mobile development team is comprised of experts who understand the technology and work directly with your firm to create and deploy the unique, targeted app or apps that are ideal for your organization. And we understand that it’s not just the technology that needs to function; it’s integration, agility, scalability, inventory, marketing, and customer experience factors too. In fact, one of our clients has seen an incremental revenue increase of $100 million thanks to a mobile payment app we developed.

Applications today are more connected and distributed than ever. It's not uncommon to have a handful of external connections per application in order to swap data or stay in sync with other systems around the globe. In order to help secure and manage these APIs, we work with many off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Our clients look to us for help in planning, developing, and implementing distributed solutions securely and seamlessly. We also bundle best in class testing to speed up and improve quality of both design and delivery.

Syrinx has been working with Big Data since before it had a moniker. Our clients have consistently pushed the envelope in analyzing large data sets to glean information that helps them save money and time, prevent accidents, provide recommendations, and identify trends. We work with all modern tools (Hadoop, NoSQL, and every relational and unstructured data source imaginable) in order to build and maintain these valuable data sets in a timely manner. From a Proof of Concept to a full production implementation, we can help you unlock the power of the data in your enterprise.

The mobile payment market for goods and services, adopted globally, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The most obvious evidence of mobile payments' growing popularity can be seen in the sheer scope of consumer spending. Syrinx stands out in mobile payments and e-Commerce services by incorporating omnichannel demands, synchronization across in-store devices and a rich set of features that optimize your entire business from front-end customer experience to back-end logistics and inventory. We build apps with instantaneous information exchange amongst devices and all relevant databases; with synchronization built into the very foundation of the apps; and as such our apps delight users with an intuitive, independent usability. Mobile payments and apps will revolutionize the way your business operates.

Technology Services, frequently referred to as Staff Augmentation, is our most agile and popular entry-level service. Sometimes you want specific skillsets you don’t possess in-house; or you have to deliver on-time and on-budget a mission-critical short-term project. Syrinx stands out from the crowd with a pool of highly-vetted talent whom we retain on-staff, and are made available for on-site client engagments. Our consultants are amongst the top talent in the industry and the majority of our clients end up working with them for additional and on-going projects long after the initial scope.

If you’re looking to achieve faster development and speed-to-market, improved quality of development projects, and avoid costs associated with internal training and skill development, Syrinx’s Technology Services will answer your call and exceed expectations.


Reliable delivery for over a decade

Syrinx built a mobile point-of-sale system for Cumberland Farms that allows their customers to find gas stations and pay at the pump. High-performance iPhone, Android, and mobile HTML 5 clients connect to scalable cloud-based services that perform ACH, PayPal, and coupon management. SmartPay for Cumberland Farms is an industry leading mobile payment solution that has earned Cumberland Farms over nine digits in revenue.

Syrinx built an advanced, native iPad application for the Boston Federal Reserve’s research division. This application connects with and displays thousands of data sources in an easy to use manner, and works offline and online seamlessly.

Syrinx built a real-time retail analytics and mobile backend as a service for one the world’s largest telecommunication providers. Using node.js and mongo, and interacting with multiple location technologies (including NFC and BTLE), this system will be powering some of the most complex retail-based mobile apps in the coming years.

"We wanted to harness the power of mobile technology to make our service delivery more efficient and real-time. We came to Syrinx with a workflow and some screen concepts of how we thought it should work. Syrinx provided complete "full stack" capability, from iterating on our drawings, to proof of concept field testing and hardware deployment, to developing the frontend and working with our internal developers to integrate with our existing CRM system.

They never said "you'll need another vendor for that", they got everything done for us. Leveraging their mobile expertise and decades of back end development experience, we brought our vision to reality in short order. Working with Syrinx has helped us to be first in the industry with a Technician Companion Tablet Application. The application has been fully deployed for over a year and has improved our on-time service delivery promise and customer satisfaction ratings. We could not be happier with their performance."

Maureen Confalone
Chief Financial Officer

JN Phillips Auto Glass

Since 2004 Syrinx has worked with Agero (formerly Cross Country Automotive) to develop cutting-edge systems to power roadside assistance, telematics, and vehicle safety features. From mobile to web to call center to back office, Syrinx has helped with every facet of the technology that powers Agero.


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Our rigorous and repeatable framework

1. We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. So we won’t forward you a slick PPT deck that has been sent to hundreds of prospects over the years bragging about a framework that works for everyone while stating “On time, under budget, every time.” Come on, we all know that methane gas puts holes in the ozone layer. Instead we invest our time by sitting down with you to discuss what problems you’re encountering, what you want to accomplish, and whether we’re a good fit for each other. Yes, there is a human aspect to process.

2. Once we’ve determined that there’s enough chemistry for that elusive second date, we begin to share ideas. Our motto is simple: Ideas are easy and execution is challenging. We won’t build you the coolest features with the latest and greatest technology stack just.

We map business objectives to other goals such as monetization, user feedback, launch and distribution strategies, etc. We also break down product lifecycles into manageable milestones so that you align your internal team’s effort and expectations to ensure that everyone is on the same page because no one likes the type of “surprises” that happen on projects.

3. From design mockups to layout, functionality, and look and feel we’ll walk you through each step before coding anything. We’ll also explain and map our designs and ideas to your objectives.

When wireframes inform the static mockup designs through layout, placement, and general functionality, whereas the static mockups inform the user interface in look, feel and execution. You’ll be able to walk through your entire site, page by page, instance by instance, before anything is developed. Each set of assets are usually accompanied by a walk-through presentation to explain all the thinking that went behind every pixel.

4. This is where the rubber meets the pavement and we get to see how theory combined with our best practices gets results. We use a combination of usability tools and technologies to gather, test, and analyze user behavior to ensure that your product is on a user-centric path. After all, it’s not what the software does, it’s what the user does.

See the results of all our research and best practices. We utilize a hybrid of in-house and remote usability technologies to collect behavioral information. We analyze that data to learn about what works and what doesn’t. In addition to resolving immediate issues, the answers to these questions help set a user-centric product development path before and after rollout.

5. Yes, we do the back-end as well. We don’t crush the UI and Design only to leave you hanging when it comes to actually making it work. Would you buy a car without an engine? Our back-end developers are involved from the beginning and collaborate with our designers, UX team, and our clients to ensure transparency while building trust between our teams.

6. Performance and scalability planning starts from the very beginning. You wouldn’t buy a car without an engine, so why would you consider a Ferrari outfitted with a Volkswagen engine? Slow page load times kills the user experience which can be the difference between your business celebrating a huge win or racking up outrageous server costs.

7. We’ve been doing web services before the term even existed. Just ask Keith Ballinger our VP of Engineering, he was awarded a patent for web services and in 2003 authored and published, .NET Web Services: Architecture and Implementation.

We have built and interfaced with too many API’s to count while integrating with everything. Of course we can also handle the latest and greatest 3rd party integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc. And if we haven’t done it yet, we can pick it up. We like to say that we specialize in Impossible Computing; difficult takes a day and impossible will take us a week or less.

About Us

Where we come from and what drives us

The Origins

Founded in 1998, Syrinx is based in Needham, Mass. and has been recognized on the Boston Business Journal’s List of “Areas Largest IT Consulting Firms” and the “Inc. 500” list for 2007. Syrinx is a software development and consulting firm that brings a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies including .NET and SharePoint 2007 to organizations that are dependent on technology for a competitive advantage. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the company has developed solutions within the financial services, Internet, call center, real estate, publishing, health care, and biosciences industries.

The Syrinx Difference

Syrinx Consulting is a developer-founded, developer-run consulting company focused on the most efficient delivery of software engineering talent. Unlike outsourcing firms run by recruiters, we don’t barrage you with resumes in response to a problem. Syrinx’s experienced developers are engaged in every step of the process, from the initial sales inquiry to the sourcing decisions. They take the time to understand your business and technical needs upfront, and work with senior resource managers to decide the right skill set for the job. We then send you exactly the right resources for the job, whether it’s one developer or a whole team, saving you the time and hassle of interviewing, screening, and vetting technical resources. As a result, you get expertise and service tailored to your needs. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our clients trust us to deliver consistently high-quality talent, on-time and on-budget. We love what we do, and we do it well.

The Moral

Those who adapt to the times will emerge unscathed

We believe that the only constant in the business world is change. That’s why reeds are featured in our logo, along with a swath of motion symbolizing change. Syrinx strives to build systems that are resilient to change, and allow our customers to grow and adapt as they need to. We aim to keep abreast of the ever changing technology landscape, always looking to improve our efficiency, portability, re-usability, and time to market.

What does Syrinx mean?

Syrinx reedPeople sometimes ask us, "What does Syrinx mean?” In classical mythology, Syrinx was a river nymph who was pursued by the Greek god Pan. To escape his advances, she ran to the river's edge and was transformed into hollow water reeds.The reed is the classic symbol of resilience in the face of change. It is also the basis for the Aesop’s fable, “The Oak Tree and the Reed”:

A reed got into an argument with an oak tree. The oak tree boasted that her strength could withstand a battle against the winds, while she condemned the reed for being weak, yielding to every breeze. Then the wind began to blow very fiercely. The oak tree was torn up by her roots and toppled over, while the reed was left bent but unharmed.

Our Team

Leaders in our organization and in our market

Andrew Gelina, CEO

Andrew Gelina CEO, Syrinx Consulting Corporation

Andrew Gelina brings over 18 years of software architecture and development experience to his role as CEO of Syrinx Consulting, where he is responsible for the strategic direction, technology focus, operations management, and growth of the firm. Prior to joining Syrinx in 2003, Andrew helped build Web Technology Partners into a leading software engineering consulting firm before selling it in 2000 to, the global online career and recruitment resource. During the next three years at Monster, he developed software and managed projects for virtually every area of Monster's operations, from CRM integration to e-commerce to high-traffic, high-volume Web development. He also worked closely with Microsoft to scale its .NET platform to Monster's huge transaction volumes. Andrew has also worked in several other areas of technology leadership, performing technical due diligence for companies considering acquisitions and selling professional services. He started his career at EDS, helping them develop cellular billing and switch interface software to support the emerging wireless industry. Andrew graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he received a bachelor's degree in Operations Management. Andrew is a member of the CEO Roundtable of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. Andrew and his 65-member team work on-site and off-site with clients all over the United States.

Luke Howarth, President

Luke Howarth President, Syrinx Consulting Corporation

Luke has over 13 years of sales and leadership experience in the recruiting, staffing and consulting industries. Luke oversees all operations, resource management, sales, and business development efforts for Syrinx Consulting. Luke has spearheaded annual growth of over 30% YOY during his time at Syrinx. Prior to joining Syrinx Luke had an 11 year tenure at Robert Half International (NYSE: RHI), where he held various roles in sales and management winning the Chairman and President's Club designations multiple years in a row. In his last role with RHI Luke oversaw sales and operations for a large part of the New England District.

Luke grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Boston College in 1998. He enjoys golf, hockey, and fine food.

Colin Reposa, Resource Management

Colin Reposa Vice President, Resource Management, Syrinx Consulting Corporation

Colin Reposa brings years of recruiting and business development experience to Syrinx Consulting while specializing in software development and architecture. He is responsible for recruiting, business development, project management, resource management, and recruiter training. Colin has been an integral part of Syrinx Consulting’s continued growth, especially in the Mobile and Big Data Development divisions.

Prior to joining Syrinx, Colin worked as a Senior Technical Recruiter at Aerotek and Assistant Recruiting Coordinator at the Providence College Office of Career Services. Colin has a BA in Business Management and an MBA in Finance from Providence College. He participated on their Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse Team and captained the team for 2 seasons. Colin was also an assistant coach while attending graduate school.


Delivering better, together

Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software and services company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. For more than a decade, Axway has empowered the world’s top organizations with proven solutions that help manage business-critical interactions through the exchange of data flowing across the enterprise, B2B communities, the cloud and mobile devices.

Syrinx through its relationship with Vordel has become a leading provider of Integration support and customized developed resource for Axway. Syrinx has done over 24 customized solutions for Axway over the last 36 months.

Syrinx Consulting has been partnered and supported AurionPro Sena’s lead business solutions business for the last 18 months. Providing solutions in the identity management, API security and Oracle based. AurionPro Sena develops world-class software platforms and delivers award-winning consulting services. Our cloud-based and packaged software, technology and domain expertise, and passion for ensuring the success of every implementation help to advance the businesses of our customers and partners. AurionPro Sena's four primary business lines include:

- Banking & Financial Services Technologies
- Supply Chain Management Software
- Oracle Implementation Services
- Enterprise IT Services

Applause combines app testing tools and services to help companies achieve the 360° App Quality™ they need to thrive in the modern apps economy. Applause offers everything brands need to delight their users, from in-the-wild testing for functional, load and localization to test automation, mobile beta management and award-winning app store analytics. Thousands of companies - including Google, Fox, Amazon, Deutche Telekom and Concur - choose Applause to launch mobile, web, wearable and IoT apps that work as intended and create loyal customers. Learn more at and follow @applause on Twitter.

Syrinx and Applause found symbiosis in partnering our technology services to end-user businesses for an even more robust technology build and delivery process. Our goal with this joint offering is to improve quality and delivery-time-to-market for approved apps and websites. has transformed the enterprise software market with cloud computing. Now we’re leading the shift to the Social Enterprise. Social enterprises leverage social, mobile, and open cloud technologies to put customers at the heart of their business

Syrinx has provided a multitude of services and support to the Salesforce Platform. Syrinx has recently been invited to be a Platinum Partner for their Mobile Strategy. Anything Salesforce, anything mobile is for Syrinx.

Xamarin mission is to produce the best software development tools in the world, and to make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile apps.

Xamarin’s products simplify creation and maintenance of high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications targeting phones, tablets and embedded devices running iOS, Android and Windows. Founded and staffed by many notable developers from the open source community, Xamarin is also steward to the Mono project—the open source, cross-platform implementation of C# and the .NET framework.

Happy to be a supporter and contributor to the Xamarin world that is making a difference.

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Syrinx Consulting is always looking for talented developers in our team.

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