5 Ways Omnichannel Strategies Improve E-Commerce

The promise of omnichannel eCommerce is that consumers can engage with or shop through a company's digital offerings through whichever device and platform they desire.

Here are the top five ways companies can leverage omnichannel strategies to improve their eCommerce capabilities.

1. Embrace omnichannel
​A comprehensive omnichannel strategy includes:

Among these components, the key features to look for include responsiveness, dependability, consistency and availability. Tactics and deliverables must be delegated, managed and integrated for a seamless end-user experience.

2. Prioritize the user experience
It is all about setting expectations. A company's eCommerce apps must function effectively across all channels equally and consistently. Shopping on multiple devices at different times must not feel like a different experience, regardless of whether the consumer is using their iOS or Android mobile device. The goal for any business needs to be delivering a high-quality user experience across every part of the omnichannel platform, every time, for every user.

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Mobile is a key component of omnichannel strategies. 

3. Guarantee security
Security is a huge issue for eCommerce, and omnichannel strategies need to take this into account. Naturally, an omnichannel strategy will introduce a greater degree of complexity into a company's eCommerce systems, and this has the potential to create vulnerabilities. Businesses must mitigate the security risks across each channel, and at every stage from development to deployment and beyond. By focusing on security, companies can empower their clients to shop confidently via smartphones, tablets and desktops.

"Omnichannel presents a major opportunity for targeted marketing efforts."

4. Better targeting
By offering omnichannel eCommerce, businesses have the chance to accumulate a wide array of valuable information about their customers' shopping preferences. This presents a major opportunity for improved, better-targeted marketing efforts. Companies can analyze their accumulated data to develop customer-specific incentives, which can lead to both more sales and more satisfied, loyal customers.

5. Omnichannel as a selling point
Companies can improve their eCommerce by leveraging their omnichannel capabilities as a key point of differentiation. While omnichannel eCommerce is quickly becoming the standard, these capabilities are not yet universal. This means those businesses that have managed to execute omnichannel have a significant advantage over their competitors.

Companies can further extend that advantage by incorporating omnichannel into their marketing and other outreach efforts. Many potential customers - especially younger consumers - will be far more inclined to patronize a company that can accommodate them on a wide range of channels than a rival business that lacks this capability.

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