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Whether you're looking for a new concept or strategy; full-service, end-to-end enterprise projects from strategy to delivery; a competitive mobile or payments application; projects including integrations, add-ons, or quality and testing; or augmentation of your existing development team, Syrinx customizes an agile and flexible solution to fit your needs, and we’ll scale with you as projects and organizations progress. With a developer at the healm, we know how to deliver technology that solves modern business demands.

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End-to-End Strategy

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Custom Software Development

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Mobile, eCommerce & Payments

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Testing & Quality

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Strategic Resourcing

Our Approach

We invest our time by sitting down with you to discuss what problems you're encountering, what you want to accomplish, and whether we're a good fit for each other. We understand that there is a human aspect to process. From design mockups to layout, functionality, and look and feel we'll walk you through each step before coding anything. We'll also explain and map our designs and ideas to your objectives. Syrinx is a developer-founded, developer-run consulting company focused on the most efficient delivery of software engineering talent.

Syrinx's experienced developers are engaged in every step of the process, from the initial sales inquiry to the sourcing decisions. We take the time to understand your business and technical needs upfront, and work with senior resource managers to decide the right skill set for the job. We then send you exactly the right resources for the job, whether it's one developer or a whole team, saving you the time and hassle of interviewing, screening, and vetting technical resources. As a result, you get expertise and service tailored to your needs. Our clients trust us to deliver consistently high-quality talent, on-time and on-budget. We love what we do, and we do it well.

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Enterprise Application Development

We like to simplify the complexity surrounding Enterprise Application Development by taking steps to securely integrate apps in real-time with the ability to transfer data between disparate systems, public and private clouds, and third-party technologies. With technology rapidly evolving, we help organizations limit technology constraints by applying standardized best practices that lower costs and improve ROI.

We understand big problems and we respond by delivering lightweight, agile solutions. From cradle to scale to rewrite - at any development stage - we make software better.

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Web Services

Applications today are more connected and distributed than ever. It's not uncommon to have a handful of external connections per application in order to swap data or stay in sync with other systems around the globe. In order to help secure and manage these APIs, we work with many off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Our clients look to us for help in planning, developing, and implementing distributed solutions securely and seamlessly. We also bundle best in class testing to speed up and improve quality of both design and delivery.

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The mobile payment market for goods and services, adopted globally, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The most obvious evidence of mobile payments' growing popularity can be seen in the sheer scope of consumer spending. Syrinx stands out in mobile payments and e-Commerce services by incorporating omnichannel demands, synchronization across in-store devices and a rich set of features that optimize your entire business from front-end customer experience to back-end logistics and inventory. We build apps with instantaneous information exchange amongst devices and all relevant databases; with synchronization built into the very foundation of the apps; and as such our apps delight users with an intuitive, independent usability. Mobile payments and apps will revolutionize the way your business operates.

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Mobile Development

Our mobile development team is comprised of experts who understand the technology and work directly with your firm to create and deploy the unique, targeted app or apps that are ideal for your organization. And we understand that it's not just the technology that needs to function; it's integration, agility, scalability, inventory, marketing, and customer experience factors too.


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IoT Solutions

We work with all modern tools and command excellence, recently partnering with best-in-class Nutonian Eureqa to offer our client partners speed, accuracy, scalability, automatic signal discovery, shareable results, modeling best practices with transparent results, and API access. "Eureqa's UI is as intuitive and elegant as any leading visualization tool, and its flexible Python API allows more advanced users to integrate Eureqa into their existing data science workflows. Whether used by a beginner or expert modeler, Eureqa is a powerful accelerator for data-driven discovery."

From a Proof of Concept to a full production implementation, we can help you unlock the power of the data in your enterprise.

  1. Churn through data to create accurate predictive models
  2. Create forecasting models to solve resource scarcity, staffing and production demands and outperform your competition
  3. Automate entire workflows from raw data to answer, at the push of a button
  4. Leverage IoT for connectedness, data-driven insights, predictive capabilities and transformation.

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Big Data

Syrinx has been working with Big Data since before it had a moniker. Our clients have consistently pushed the envelope in analyzing large data sets to glean information that helps them save money and time, prevent accidents, provide recommendations, and identify trends. We work with all modern tools (Hadoop, NoSQL, and every relational and unstructured data source imaginable) in order to build and maintain these valuable data sets in a timely manner. From a Proof of Concept to a full production implementation, we can help you unlock the power of the data in your enterprise.

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Strategic Resourcing

Strategic Resourcing, frequently referred to as Staff Augmentation, is our most agile and popular entry-level service. Sometimes you want specific skillsets you don't possess in-house; or you have to deliver on-time and on-budget a mission-critical short-term project. Syrinx stands out from the crowd with a pool of highly-vetted talent whom we retain on-staff, and are made available for on-site client engagements. Our consultants are amongst the top talent in the industry and the majority of our clients end up working with them for additional and on-going projects long after the initial scope.

If you're looking to achieve faster development and speed-to-market, improved quality of development projects, and avoid costs associated with internal training and skill development, Syrinx's Strategic Resourcing will answer your call and exceed expectations.