Strategic Resourcing

Strategic Resourcing, frequently referred to as Staff Augmentation, is our most agile and popular entry-level service. Sometimes you want specific skillsets you don't possess in-house; or you have to deliver on-time and on-budget a mission-critical short-term project. Syrinx stands out from the crowd with a pool of highly-vetted talent whom we retain on-staff, and are made available for on-site client engagments. Our consultants are amongst the top talent in the industry and the majority of our clients end up working with them for additional and on-going projects long after the initial scope.

We excel at assisting customers implement modern JavaScript frameworks into their existing or new applications. We have several consultants experienced with ES6, React.js, Angular.js, Angular2.0 and Node.js, that can seamlessly fill any gaps on your engineering team.

If you're looking to achieve faster development and speed-to-market, improved quality of development projects, and avoid costs associated with internal training and skill development, Syrinx's Strategic Resourcing will answer your call and exceed expectations.