Internet of Things

We work with all modern tools and command excellence, recently partnering with best-in-class Nutonian Eureqa to offer our client partners speed, accuracy, scalability, automatic signal discovery, shareable results, modeling best practices with transparent results, and API access. "Eureqa's UI is as intuitive and elegant as any leading visualization tool, and its flexible Python API allows more advanced users to integrate Eureqa into their existing data science workflows. Whether used by a beginner or expert modeler, Eureqa is a powerful accelerator for data-driven discovery."

From a Proof of Concept to a full production implementation, we can help you unlock the power of the data in your enterprise.

  1. Churn through data to create accurate predictive models
  2. Create forecasting models to solve resource scarcity, staffing and production demands and outperform your competition
  3. Automate entire workflows from raw data to answer, at the push of a button
  4. Leverage IoT for connectedness, data-driven insights, predictive capabilities and transformation.