What We Offer

Whether you're looking for a new concept or strategy; full-service, end-to-end enterprise projects from strategy to delivery; a competitive mobile or payments application; projects including integrations, add-ons, or quality and testing; or augmentation of your existing development team, Syrinx customizes an agile and flexible solution to fit your needs, and we’ll scale with you as projects and organizations progress. With a developer at the helm, we know how to deliver technology that solves modern business demands.

Enterprise Development

We simplify the complexity by taking steps to securely integrate applications in real-time with the ability to transfer data between varying systems and technologies.

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Web Services

Our clients look to us for our expertise in the planning, development, and seamless implementation of distributed solutions with external applications around the globe.

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We incorporate omnichannel demands, synchronization across in-store devices and a rich set of features that optimize your entire business into our payment solutions.

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Mobile Development

Our mobile development team is comprised of experts who understand the technology and work directly with your firm to create and deploy the unique, targeted apps.

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IoT Solutions

We work with all modern tools and command excellence, we partner with best-in-class Nutonian Eureqa to offer our client partners speed, accuracy, and scalability.

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Big Data

We provide solutions to analyze large datasets which allow our clients to save money and time, prevent accidents, provide recommendations, and identify trends.

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Strategic Resourcing

Strategic Resourcing is our most agile and popular entry-level service. We have a pool of highly-vetted talent whom we retain on-staff for on-site client engagements.

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Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation evokes aspirations of lean, nimble, value-driven practices that will set the organization on a path of success to increased profitability, market dominance, and competition-crushing products.

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Our Approach

We invest our time by sitting down with you to discuss what problems you're encountering, what you want to accomplish, and whether we're a good fit for each other. We understand that there is a human aspect to process. From design mockups to layout, functionality, and look and feel we'll walk you through each step before coding anything. We'll also explain and map our designs and ideas to your objectives. Syrinx is a developer-founded, developer-run consulting company focused on the most efficient delivery of software engineering talent.

Syrinx's experienced developers are engaged in every step of the process, from the initial sales inquiry to the sourcing decisions. We take the time to understand your business and technical needs upfront, and work with senior resource managers to decide the right skill set for the job. We then send you exactly the right resources for the job, whether it's one developer or a whole team, saving you the time and hassle of interviewing, screening, and vetting technical resources. As a result, you get expertise and service tailored to your needs. Our clients trust us to deliver consistently high-quality talent, on-time and on-budget. We love what we do, and we do it well.

Case Studies

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