Cumberland Farms SmartPay

Syrinx built a mobile point-of-sale system for Cumberland Farms that allows their customers to find gas stations and pay at the pump. High-performance iPhone, Android, and mobile HTML 5 clients connect to scalable cloud-based services that perform ACH, PayPal, and coupon management. SmartPay for Cumberland Farms is an industry leading mobile payment solution that has earned Cumberland Farms over nine digits in revenue.

About Cumberland Farms

With new leadership and new products, Cumberland Farms rebranded itself as a company with a mission to make consumers' on-the-go lives that much easier. One of Forbes largest private companies, Cumberland Farms now operates more than 600 convenience stores and gas stations in about a dozen eastern seaboard states. Cumberland owns a two-thirds limited partnership in petroleum wholesaler Gulf Oil LP, giving it the right to use and license Gulf trademarks in eastern US states. The first convenience store operator in New England, Cumberland Farms was founded in 1939 by Vasilios and Aphrodite Haseotes. Their descendants, includ- ing chairman Lily Haseotes Bentas, own the company.

The Situation

In 2013, as part of Cumberland Farms' rebranding efforts and mission to increase customer convenience, The Cumberland Gulf Group executives sought a competitive advantage. The company needed a mobile payment solution; a comprehensive, user-friendly, visually-appealing system that integrated with the retailers' fuel infrastructure, loyalty program and point-of-sale systems. Cumberland Farms interviewed several technology companies and found that Syrinx Consulting was flexible and agile, and the most capable of delivering an innovative solution within the projected timeframe.

The Result

Sorin Hilgen, VP of IT Shared Services at The Cumberland Gulf Group was tasked with redesigning Cumberland Farms' technology solutions as part of the overall company re-branding efforts. Sorin’s goal for The Cumberland Gulf Group was to deliver first to market a cashless, cardless payment solution. Sorin was anxious to find a company flexible enough to take on a partnership role with his team to execute his creative vision of having an easy-pay mobile solution as a key competitive advantage of the company.

"Syrinx provided us with exceptional service and resources to meet our mobile and enterprise development goals. During the course of our collaboration, Syrinx met all our expectations. Moreover, they approached our projects as a true partner and not just an outsourced development team. They are fully committed to our projects and go above and beyond to ensure a smooth delivery."

Within nine months of winning the The Cumberland Gulf Group account, Syrinx launched SmartPay, a fully-integrated, leading mobile application that serves hundreds of thousands of customers and through the loyalty program has saved customers almost $14 million (to date 9.30.14, since inception). Cumberland Farms did not have the expertise in-house to develop such a solution but with Syrinx's help, it brought Cumberland Farms to the forefront of convenient payments and generates a tremendous amount of incremental revenue for the company (over $100m in the first 12 months).

Syrinx Service

Client Contact

Sorin Hilgen, VP of IT Shared Services, The Cumberland Gulf Group


Mobile platforms (native iOs, Android, HTML5); Java; Ruby on Rails


Framingham, Massachusetts