Case Study

JN Phillips Auto Glass

"We wanted to harness the power of mobile technology to make our service delivery more efficient and real-time. We came to Syrinx with a workflow and some screen concepts of how we thought it should work. Syrinx provided complete 'full stack' capability, from iterating on our drawings, to proof of concept field testing and hardware deployment, to developing the frontend and working with our internal developers to integrate with our existing CRM system.

They never said 'you'll need another vendor for that', they got everything done for us. Leveraging their mobile expertise and decades of back end development experience, we brought our vision to reality in short order. Working with Syrinx has helped us to be first in the industry with a Technician Companion Tablet Application. The application has been fully deployed for over a year and has improved our on-time service delivery promise and customer satisfaction ratings. We could not be happier with their performance."

Maureen Confalone
Chief Financial Officer
JN Phillips Auto Glass

About JN Phillips

Right after the end of World War II, restrictions on travel and gasoline were lifted and Americans began a love affair with the automobile. It was 1946, and it was a very good time to go into the auto glass replacement business. Even back then, JN Phillips was focused on innovation and training. Automobile design advanced rapidly, and with it, the technology and characteristics of windshields and auto glass. By staying at the forefront of windshield replacement, JN Phillips grew and still seeks to remain innovative and committed to convenience without ever com- promising safety. But they know how important convenience is, too. Over the years, they’ve dedicated themselves to providing the safest, most convenient windshield replacements possible by hiring and training top-notch profes- sionals and continuously taking advantage of emerging technologies.

The Situation

2012, JN Phillips aimed to optimize their business. They were expe- riencing a constant backlog of service requests and poor communi- cations between the call center and technicians. JN Phillips, in line with their commitment to emerging technologies, sought to improve the efficiency of communications between their call center and technicians. They envisioned a more automated process of distributing real-time updates and data points in refer- ence to jobs, inventory and schedules to increase customer service delivery times, both in terms of speed and number of clients touched per day. After reviewing a number of firms, JN Phillips found Syrinx Consulting to be big enough to do the job and small enough to care. It became clear to JN Phillips that Syrinx was at the forefront of emerging technologies, from software to hardware to tablet to integrating all the systems. No other firm had been able to articulate the vision JN Phillips conveyed, and describe a solution that would net both increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Result

Over a period of four months, including field studies, Syrinx designed, developed, and deployed a fully automated solution that eliminated the need for phone or human interaction between the JN Phillips customer service representatives and the service technicians. Syrinx delivered a custom application on field-hard- ened tablets linked to JN Phillips’ Customer Relationship Manage- ment software at headquarters. The solution seamlessly interfaced with the JN Phillips CRM / fleet management system and Syrinx developed web services and an inventory schedule with the custom interface so the process flowed in real-time. Additionally Syrinx designed a detached-mode mobile application that did not require a network so the technicians could plan their schedules and work uninterrupted.

"We were thrilled with the result! We were able to repurpose employees to customer-facing service opportunities and we cut down on job errors and re-work. Syrinx helped us increase efficiency and gain a technological edge over our competitors."

"In working with Syrinx, we were impressed with the innovative solutions the team conceived. The custom applications on brand new mobile devices increased our efficiency over 30%. We were able to redeploy customer service representatives to more custom- er-facing tasks and the mobile technicians were able to complete more jobs in each cycle. Happier customers and a boost to the bottom line? Syrinx is a no-brainer; highly recommended."

Syrinx Service

Client Contact

Bob Rosenfield, CEO, JN Phillips


Microsoft .NET; SQL Server; JSON APIs; Android tablets on the Verizon network,including camera and GPS integration; REST API


Woburn, Massachusetts


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