Case Study


Since 2004 Syrinx has worked with Agero (formerly Cross Country Automotive) to develop cutting-edge systems to power roadside assistance, telematics, and vehicle safety features. From mobile to web to call center to back office, Syrinx has helped with every facet of the technology that powers Agero.

Cloud Migration: Developed a strategy for migrating applications and services to AWS.

Azure DevOps Migration: Migration of their on-prem TFS server to Azure DevOps Services to modernize their devops tooling and save on operational and licensing cost.

ApiGee Api Proxy: Public API surface, OAuth, version routing, rate limiting, subscription/product management, and usage metrics all handled in ApiGee.

Containerization: Provided a complete solution for migrating existing legacy systems running on EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk to Docker Containers running on Elastic Container Services. This decreased cost and unified the developer experience across systems.

Microservices re-architecture: Guidelines for decomposition of monolith LOB application into a modern microservices architecture.

Automated CI/CD/CS pipelines: Automation of builds, deployment, testing, and security scanning to increase productivity, stability, and reliability of the systems.

Serverless Architectures: Provided a path forward for implementing solutions on serverless technologies as a way of decreasing cost and increasing stability and availability of the systems.

Cloud Cost Optimization: Assessed current usage, architecture, and processes and provided solutions saving approximately $1,000,000 a year in consumption, licensing, and operation costs.


Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), .Net, .Net Core, Python, ASP.Net Web API, REST, Quartz Scheduler, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, NHibernate, MS SQL Server 2014, Simple Messaging Services (SMS), Linux, Redis, APIGee, Splunk, App Dynamics, DataDog, CloudFormation, Lambda, Docker, MySQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Serverless Framework, Azure DevOps, Postman, Bitbucket

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