Who We Are, Meet the Syrinx Team

At Syrinx, we pride ourselves on delivering a more customized, personalized software development experience for our customers. We work closely with our clients to understand exactly what they need, why they need it and how we can best deliver. We send our personnel to work on-site for our customers to ensure our developers can provide unbeatable support and services. And we focus heavily on creating long-lasting relationships with our developers, adding experience and reliability to our workforce.

But to really understand Syrinx and our values, you need to get to know our leaders. With that in mind, it's time to meet a few of the members of Team Syrinx.

Andrew Gelina, CEO
Andrew joined Syrinx in 2003. As CEO, Andrew's daily responsibilities focus on helping Syrinx clients and employees to understand complex technological problems and develop the ideal solutions for these issues.

Andrew's enthusiasm for the software development industry is a lifelong passion. His background is in software development, and he started working in the field back when he was 11 years old. He says he still gets excited by the notion of solving problems for clients and bringing new ideas to life and to the market.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys inspiring a love of technology in his three children. Outside of technology he loves barbecuing and poker.

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Meet Andrew, CEO of Syrinx

Luke Howarth, President
Luke oversees all of Syrinx's sales and business development efforts, working directly with clients on a day-to-day basis. One of the things Luke loves most about his job is how quickly technology is evolving and developing. He's at the front end of this trend, and he makes sure that Syrinx's engineers and other personnel are right there with him.

Beyond Syrinx, Luke's passions include golf, music and horse racing - in fact, he owns a percentage of not one, but TWO racehorses.

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Meet Luke, President of Syrinx

Colin Reposa, Vice​ President of Resource Management
When companies are struggling to find the right technical consultants to help ship their software products, Colin is who they turn to. In fact, often before companies know what to ask for, Colin has a set of highly-vetted candidates at the ready to manage or assist with client projects, from JavaScript to DevOps to a host of full-stack functions. He builds long-term relationships with talent and ships them across client sites to help companies deliver software development projects on time and on budget.

When Colin was 7 years old, he became a Bruins season ticket holder, and he's held on to his season tickets ever since. He's looking forward to seeing the team back in the playoffs next season.

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Meet Colin, Vice​ President of Resource Management for Syrinx

Dean Cirielli, Vice President of Engineering
Dean focuses on deep-level estimates for both existing and new clients who are eager to add more features to their software. Dean works closely with professionals across the country, helping them to find technological answers to their challenges with the people and expertise found throughout Syrinx.

Beyond these higher-level responsibilities, Dean spends a lot of his time working right alongside Syrinx engineers, both at the company's home office in Needham, Massachusetts, as well as throughout the U.S.

Dean spends most of his free time with his wife, his two daughters and his dog. On those rare occasions when he has a little extra time to spare, he makes a bit more progress on a wooden kayak he's been building.

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Meet Dean, Vice President of Engineering for Syrinx