The Developer Difference, White Paper from Syrinx

How important is software development for your company? Today, businesses in every industry face tremendous competition and fast-changing markets. Perhaps most importantly, consumers are becoming more mobile, more tech-friendly and more demanding than ever before. All of this makes software development a top-level priority for just about any organization. To this end, a third-party software consultancy is key. But what makes one software consultancy better than another? And how can a company's leaders tell the difference? Our new white paper, "The Developer Difference: Finding a Partner in a Software Consultancy," aims to answer both of these questions and plenty more. To put it simply, we argue that one of the most important, valuable aspects of any software consultancy is an ability and willingness to work closely with clients to develop a genuine partnership. A partner-level software consultancy will understand its clients' needs and goals in a way that a less connected service provider cannot match. The white paper delves deeper into these issues. Key sections include: