Syrinx Mobile Development

For the past several years, Syrinx has been doing development projects involving mobile technologies. With our help our clients are building apps in iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms to increase revenue, drive efficiency, better engage clients and vendors, and make life easier for employees and customers. Most times these applications work with back end systems to surface data or provide interaction with traditional desktop and server systems, using technologies like Java, .NET,  Ruby, Python, and PHP. Many of the mobile applications need to work in a potentially disconnected environment, allowing checkout of data or "store and forward" of updates. In all cases, the application must look great, engage users, perform under load, and be delivered on time and on budget. Our mobile practice is now one of the fastest growing areas of the company. Some highlights from projects our developers have been working on:


Our clients choose Syrinx because we aren't limited to front end development, we can go full stack from mobile to server layer to the database and systems integrations. To build a resilient system that stands up to the challenges that are thrown at it every day, people are calling Syrinx.

In the last year or so we've seen increasing demand for Windows Phone 8 development. I had not personally touched the platform as I have been an Android user/fan for the last three years. Because we are doing more projects with WP8 as a target platform, and because our new friend Ben is such a staunch advocate of WP8, I decided to grab an HTC Windows Phone 8x and try it out. I will publish some articles highlighting how it stacks up versus Android, where it comes out ahead, and where it needs to improve. Overall I was pleasantly surprised and I concur with Ben that WP8 will become like Blackberry was in the days before iOS, the dominant business class phone. Right now it is a dark horse, but I see some things that I think will propel it out of the shadows of the marketplace. More on this soon...