Social Media Vs. Prime Time Olympic Moments

With the Olympics going on today many people are wandering whether or not social media will spoil the big moments. Because of the all of the different time zones and time delays that will take place during the games it will be hard to look at your twitter or Facebook feed with out reading that someone had just scored the winning goal before the game was even finished.

London Olympics 2012

Marcus Messner, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University stated, "You have to stay off the Internet, ou can't avoid knowing who won if you are on Facebook or Twitter. The only way to save it for prime time is to stay off social media."

An analyst at Neptop Research believes that this will be a good test to see whether or not people are more interested in tweeting about the Olympics rather than just enjoying the experience of it.

However, although the fans and supporters of the Olympics may not like the idea of tweeting about it, the big time companies such as NBC certainly do. NBC paid a lot of money to have the Olympics aired on their network, and the more the people are tweeting about it the more awareness there will be which is great for business.

What are you going to do during the games. Are you going to be a tweeter or are just going to enjoy the experience yourself and not worry about social media?