How to Coordinate Like a Pro: Conference Bridges

Some business calls are ad-hoc, and unscheduled. Quickly calling someone's cell to ask a timely question, for example. Many calls are scheduled, though. You should be using a conference call bridge for just about EVERY scheduled call, even if the call is just for two people to connect. Why? Compare the two approaches:

No conference bridge
• Who is calling whom? Did you remember to put that in the invite? Did you put the right contact number in? Either/both parties might forget. This may require a number lookup (possibly while driving) if the organizer forgot to put the number in the invite. Which number to call? Cell? Desk? Home?
• For three or more parties a bridge is essential. Ever sat and waited for "Hold on, now let me try to conference in Fred..."? There is no need for that.
• Your call might originally be planned for two parties, but then grow to three parties or more. Now you need a conference bridge. Had you used one in the first place, no changes are required for the original attendees. Changing the number after you invite everyone, you are left wondering if everyone is on the same page
• My mobile is dead, or I am in a bad service area. But you have my mobile number. So now you call that number. And I can't answer. Or I was going to be at the office but now I am home. I need to send you the updated number. Hope you get it in time!
• "But I don't want to pay for a conference bridge" is not an excuse. has been around for over a decade and it works GREAT for conferences. Note I did not say that the screen sharing app is great there, just the telephone conference bridge. But that telephone conference bridge is rock solid. Sign up today and get your own free, private bridge for up to 96 callers with pro features like mute, recording, etc. No, I am not a paid endorser, just a big fan since 2004.

Using a conference bridge
• Your mobile is dead/unavailable and you need to use a different line? Working from home instead of the office? With a conference bridge it does not matter. Everyone knows one number and PIN. Use it in EVERY invitation. Done.
• Adding more people to the call? Moving the conference room? No problem. The conference bridge stays the same.
• Want to introduce two people? Use the bridge, then "mute off" or drop off the call. They don't need to know each other's numbers - just the bridge number/PIN. (Recruiting candidates and hiring managers? Great use case.)
• Running late? Join the conference whenever you can. The other people can hang out on hold or in conference until you join.

There are so many advantages to using a conference bridge for all your scheduled calls. Start doing it today and make it a habit!