How Mobile Supports an Omnichannel Retail Strategy


Wondering how a mobile shopping app can support your omnichannel efforts? Look no further!

Omnichannel's all about providing seamless experiences to customers. This involves delivering updated information to patrons through whichever channel they prefer. So, it's important to deploy a point-of-sale system across your brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce site and mobile app.

A POS solution that spans every vertical will allow you to further accommodate your customers in unique ways. For example, Apple's iBeacon software allows brick-and-mortar store to identify a patron's smartphone. Then, the beacon sends a coupon or other notification to the customer's phone, which can be used in-store.

The way you choose to integrate mobile into an omnichannel strategy largely depends on your creativity. In Part Two of this series, we'll discuss backend system integration requirements for mobile technology. Thanks for watching!