Congratulations to Syrinx's Keith Ballinger!

Please help us in welcoming Keith Ballinger to the position of Vice President of Engineering at Syrinx! Keith has been working with us the last couple of years, but starting March of this year he has assumed this new role. In this capacity Keith will oversee our delivery efforts and provide technical leadership for our entire team. For those of you who have not yet met Keith, some details:

Keith was a founding member of the .NET Framework team at Microsoft, where he worked as a software engineer and then Program Manager from 1999 through 2007. Keith also worked on the MSN Gaming Zone, Windows Media Player, and Active Directory teams.

Keith led the team at Microsoft that implemented the first versions of several Web services specifications, such as WS-Security and WS-Transactions. He was also the chairman of the WS-Basic Profile working group and a member of the OASIS web services security group.

After leaving Microsoft, Keith was the co-founder of Ineva, a start-up dedicated to low-cost cloud computing for emerging markets.

In 2009, Keith joined Wilshire Media as Director of Technology, where he architected Muve Music for cricket wireless (a Brew, Android, and Cloud-based solution) and led the engineering team the built it.

In 2011, Keith co-founded Ravid and helped build Ravid Video Messenger for iPhone & Android. As a consultant, Keith has been an engineer and manager for a variety of teams and projects for clients including: the Motorcycle Industry Council,, Microsoft, Verizon, ShareBuilder, The Boston Federal Reserve, and Cumberland Farms.

Keith is a joint inventor on over a dozen issued patents and the author of .NET Web Services: Architecture and Implementation.

We look forward to having you all meet Keith in person at future Syrinx events, in the meantime you can feel free to introduce yourself via email, his email is kballinger or keithba at sign