Android Tablet vs. iPad Comparison

Android Tablet vs iPad – What are the numbers? Forty-four percent of tablet buyers claimed that they are going to purchase an Android tablet in the next year as opposed to the 27% who have claimed to purchase the infamous iPad. The world of tablets is beginning to expand more and more every year. Just this year, the total number of tablets that were shipped worldwide exceeded 107.4 million, a figure that is expected to rise next year by 36 million (a whopping 142.8 million tablets worldwide by 2013).

Microsoft is catching on to the tablet trend by implementing a new version of its Windows operating system this year that will work on tablet computers. Tablets are the future of technology, and by the year 2050 all of the books in the world are expected to be replaced by tablets and our grandkids will be laughing at us because we actually used books in college. Tablet ownership among college students and college-bound high school students has more than tripled from a year ago and more students are reading digital books than were last year…“ A majority of college students and high school seniors believe that tablets will replace textbooks in the next five years.”

Here’s interesting facts about tablets