7 Best Features of Mobile E-Commerce for Retailers

Mobile e-Commerce has arrived in force, and it's here to stay. In fact, the platform recently crossed a huge milestone. Analyzing more than 100,000 e-Commerce stores' traffic, Shopify found that, for the first time, mobile shopping outpaced desktop-based e-Commerce. And as consumers continue to turn to their smartphones with ever-increasing frequency, this balance is likely to shift even more toward mobile e-Commerce in the coming years.

When pursued correctly, mobile e-Commerce can deliver tremendous benefits - benefits that can truly change the game for retailers. This holds true for retailers of all kinds, from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Mobile e-Commerce services are available from a variety of firms, so what should you look for when shopping for features? Firms that have proven experience in omnichannel and a rich set of features that optimize your entire business from front-end customer experience to back-end logistics and inventory.

This infographic lays out of the best-performing, most important features that mobile e-Commerce has to offer. All of these features have one thing in common: They improve the shopping experience for the customer. In some cases, like with the introduction of scannable coupons, mobile e-Commerce provides greater convenience. In others, like Wi-Fi-based offers, consumers can enjoy discounts targeted to their unique shopping profiles.

Altogether, a mobile e-Commerce solution that includes these features will make consumers far more likely to keep coming back to a given retailer, and that will naturally have a tremendous impact on retailers' bottom lines, both now and well into the future. The sooner a company embraces mobile e-Commerce, the bigger the advantage it will gain.

Mobile e-Commerce features will satisfy both customers and retailers.Mobile e-Commerce features will satisfy both customers and retailers.