5 Considerations to Avoid Mobile Project Failure

Many mobile development projects fail to be completed, or don't satisfy the needs of users when they are done. How can you avoid these costly mistakes? Start by answering these 5 questions:

  1. What do you know about the problem space and the user? Talk to real, live people who would use your app. There is no substitute; this is the cheapest time to make changes and get it right.
  2. What back end data sources do you need to work with? Assuming you will be disconnected from the network, how will you handle things until you reconnect? How will you leverage your existing assets?
  3. What is the best, most flexible platform? What devices will you support? Is HTML5 part of the solution?
  4. How will you support the solution after deployment? What will the technical debt be?
  5. How should the applications be designed to facilitate the process and promote your brand?

Some organizations are ready to tackle these challenges and have the skills and bandwidth to build their own apps. Many organizations do not. We help companies ship great software.

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